Alex Klibisz


This is simply a running list of the things I work on outside of school and work. Use the links below to navigate to the various projects' descriptions.

Table of Contents

Machine Learning Projects

Web Development Projects

Talks and Presentations

Kaggle KKBox Music Recommendation Competition

October - December 2017

Kaggle Understanding the Planet from Space Image Classification Competition

May - July 2017

Neurofinder Calcium Imaging Segmentation Challenge

April - July 2017

ISBI 2012 Electron Microscopy Segmentation Challenge

March 2017

Reservoir Computing Term Paper

December 2016

  • 14-page term-paper introducing Reservoir Computing, Liquid State Machines, and Echo State Machines.
  • Paper, slides.


October 2016

Meetup RSVP Visualization

February 2016


Co-founder, September 2015 - March 2016


  • StudyLoop is a web and mobile application that gives students an easier way to communicate with one another. We use the specific course schedule for a university to make it possible for students to join their courses within the app and avoid the hassle of setting up group messaging or other collaboration. Conversations are structured as loops, simply individual message groups, pertaining to specific assignments or tasks. This helps promote organized, productive conversation.
  • For StudyLoop, I built the web application using React.js and all of the data services (push notifications, email notifications, complex data logic, email verification, image and file attachments) using Firebase, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS SNS, AWS SES, AWS S3, and AWS Lambda.
  • I worked with co-founder Sam Rose and developer Chris Martin. They focused primarily on the iOS app.
  • The app launched in February 2016 for web and the iOS store and has approx. 160 users as of March 2016.
  • To demo the app you can go to and login with email and password test123.

Press and Links

Dynamic Adaptive Neural Network Array Visualization

August 2015 - December 2015


  • The Dynamic Adapative Neural Network Array is a neuromorphic network hardware implentation created by the Neuromorphic Computing research group at the University of Tennessee.
  • DANNA-View is a visualization web-app that I built for visualizing the DANNA networks as part of an independent study with Dr. James Plank in the fall 2015 semester.
  • The tool uses definition files for a DANNA to produce interactive visualizations and heat maps for network activity.
  • The visualizations are used for better understanding the networks, rendering graphics for publications, and high-level debugging of the networks.
  • The tool is built entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using a node.js server to transform the definition files to a JSON format for rendering, and React.js and D3.js in the browser to render the network and provide controls for interacting with it.

Animated Finite State Machine Converter

January - April 2015

IEEE IOT Hackathon

April 2015, San Jose, CA

  • On April 26, 2015 I participated in the Cisco/WISE IEEE Hackathon in San Jose, CA.
  • After forming teams, we were given the opportunity to build a useful IoT device using a series of hardware sensors provided by the company Phidgets.
  • My group prototyped a prescription pill bottle sensor system that keeps track of how many pills are in the bottle and when the bottle was last opened and makes this information available with real-time updates online.
  • We won the “Best Value to Business” award and a $1000 prize.

Maritime Piracy Mapping and Analysis

August 2014 - August 2015

  • Web app used to filter, map, and graph ~7000 maritime piracy incidents dating back to 1993.
  • Working under Dr. Brandon Prins, UTK, as part of Political Reach, State Fragility, and the Incidents of Maritime Piracy and Pirate Organizations, 1995-2016 research initiative.
  • Independent programmer on this project, responsible for full-stack development.

Freelance Websites

Keras Library for Neural Networks and Deep Learning

June 2017, Knoxville Data Science Meetup

  • Meetup presentation covering various aspects and use-cases for the Keras library.
  • Slides

Exploring Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda and Node.js

July 2016, Codestock Conference

  • Conference presentation introducing the AWS Lambda service with a simple web application implemented on Lambda.
  • Slides, Source Code

React, Flux, and Realtime RSVPs

April 2016, Knoxville JavaScript Meetup

  • Meetup presentation where I live-coded a web-application that uses React and D3.js to display statistics about RSVPs from the streaming API.
  • Slides, Source Code, Online demo